David McDonald Iron Arrow Sophomore Leadership Award and Scholarship

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Created by Chief Elizabeth Rodriguez in 1989, the Iron Arrow Sophomore Leadership Award and Scholarship aims to recognize emerging leaders who, early in their UM careers, exemplify the criteria of Iron Arrow. Presented annually, the recipient is selected based on leadership, scholarship, and service to the University of Miami.

If you are interested in supporting this scholarship award, please consider giving to the David McDonald Iron Arrow Sophomore Leadership Award (please select the correct fund via the dropdown on the giving form). 

David McDonald Iron Arrow Sophomore Leadership Award Recommendations

Nominations are currently closed and will be reopened in Spring 2023

If you are interested in nominating in the future, please prepare the following items to complete your nomination:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The name and email address of the person you are nominating
    • Only nominees who have between 30-59 credits will be considered
  • Listing of Activities & Leadership Positions Held, Listing of Scholarships, Awards, & Honors, and/or a current resume
  • A typed statement of description that explains the nominee’s contributions to the University and how the nominee embodies the 5 qualities of Iron Arrow: Character, Leadership, Humility, Scholarship, and Love of Alma Mater

David McDonald Iron Arrow Sophomore Leadership Award Recipients

1989 Philip Needles*
2006 Zoe Schwartz
1990 Christian Davis*
2007 Shajena Erazo* & Claudia Medina*
1991 Winston Warrior*
2008 Lionel Moise
1992 Rochelle Rubin*
2009 Ramon Galiana* & Jane Pryjmak*
1993 Roger Kline*
2010 Jake Krupa*
1994 Sean O’Reilly*
2011 Nawara Alawa*
1995 Jason Lane
2012 Dylan Malitsky* & Meera Nagarsheth*
1996 Jonathan Brill*
2013 Stanley “Brad” Bradshaw* & Nicole Garcia*
1997 Andrew Paul*
2014 Valeria Quirk
1998 Kathryn Krueger
2015 Ashley Pittaluga*
1999 Sarahdia Kernizan*
2016 Roderick “Rod” Dunlap
2000 Ryan J. McDavis 2017 Alex Klar
2001 James Pascual
2018 Millie Chokshi
2002 Lesley Ann Brown*
2019 Giselle De La Rua*
2003 Shannon Ashford
2020 Landon Coles
2004 Christie M. Creamean*
2021 Fabrizio Darby*
2005 Nitin Aggarwal* & Ramiro Muñoz
2022 Kelsey Walker

 * denotes Iron Arrow member